How Do We Make Our Kawaii Products?

Here's How We Make Our Notepads:

As you can see, we put a lot of love and care in our kawaii notepads! They've all been designed, printed, cut, and glued together right here in Honolulu, HI!


Here's How We Make Our Lanyards:

As you can see in the video, we make all of our lanyards in-house in Honolulu, HI! This video shows how we make the standard lanyards, but we also sell safety lanyards with quick-release clasps too! Our adorable lanyards were designed, printed, and hand-sewn here in Honolulu, HI!


 Here's How We Make Our Desk Mats:

We make desk mats of all kinds! From small mousepads to large desk mats, we can do it all! We print our desk mats with high quality sublimation and they're nice and thick (4 mm thick, in fact!). We hope you'll give our homemade desk mats a shot! We're sure you'll love them!


How We Make Our Sticker Sheets:

We lovingly craft each sticker sheet with high quality vinyl sticker sheets and use a high-quality printer for rich, vibrant colors. We then carefully laminate each sticker sheet to ensure longevity of the vibrant colors of out stickers. 


How We Make Our Art Prints: 

We use a high-quality printer to create our adorable art prints and only use premium quality archival paper to produce art prints with vibrant and rich colors.

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