How Will We Pack Your Orders?

How We Pack Our Stickers:

 Even if you only order one sticker, we'll carefully pack your sticker order with plenty of freebies and a thank you card! Each sticker order will be sent via letter mail in an untracked envelope.


How We Pack Lanyards:

In order to make sure your lanyards arrive in perfect condition, we make sure to pack them in a lovely pink padded mailer along with a thank you card and some freebie stickers! 


 How We Pack Notepads:

Depending on how many notepads you order, we will package them in a rigid mailer (like the one shown in the video), a padded envelope, or a small box in order to ensure that they'll arrive in perfect condition.


Please note: Orders shipped in a rigid mailer will NOT come with tracked shipping, as it will be shipped via USPS First Class Shipping! This is to save on shipping costs, however, if you want to purchase tracked shipping, please contact us and let us know and we can arrange that for you. 


 How We Pack Our Mousepads:

All of our mousepad orders come in a protective cellophane pouch along with some freebie stickers and a thank you note! We keep everything safe and protected in a pink bubble mailer and send it off on its way over to you!


How We Pack Our Desk Mats:

We'll make sure to carefully pack your desk mat in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of freebies and fun crinkle paper to make sure you enjoy your unboxing experience!


How We Pack Our Art Prints:

 In order to make sure our art prints are transported safely; we make sure to carefully pack our art prints with a sturdy backing board in a waterproof cellophane pouch to protect the art print in transit. We then wrap it in pink tissue paper and a cute handmade sticker to enrich your unboxing experience!


 How We Pack Our Greeting Cards:

Each greeting card is carefully packed into a cellophane pouch with its own kraft envelope. We then wrap our greeting cards with pink tissue paper and seal it with a handmade sticker along with freebies and a thank you card! 


How We Pack Our Coasters:

We carefully pack each order of coasters in a cellophane pouch and pack it in lots of crinkle paper, freebies, and a thank you card to make sure your order will arrive to you safely. We then wrap it all in pink tissue paper to make your unboxing experience that much better!



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