How Our Tote Bag Designs Came To Be

When I wanted to design my tote bags, I wanted to include kanji characters to enhance the designs, however I couldn't say that I had the best grasp of the Japanese language... So, I enlisted the help from my cousin over in Japan in hopes that she could help me to decide which kanji characters would match my designs the best. Thankfully, my cousin and her mother stepped in and found the perfect kanji characters to match each of my designs, most notably the Hula Cat and Nap Cat tote bags! I am so very thankful for their patience and their kindness in helping me to find the best kanji characters to go with my designs! As thanks for all of their help, I sent them the Hula Cat and Nap Cat pouches and tote bags that they helped design. I hope they'll love them! 💗

- Melissa

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